A secure service working with merchant banks, leasing companies, asset disposal agents throughout the UK. we are a service in our own right, supporting a network of people and companies working together for effective solutions.

             The original idea behind "SPECIAL SERVICES" was working in conjunction with                our three core companies. it would provide the extra help to the people we                  were employing, training and developing and giving real work experience to.
              Our three core companies still to this day, provide training,development and              real work experience to young people, and are still supported and funded by                  ourselves. In essence we like to work with people that invest in our future                      work force.

             Our systems and companies  are very competitive in the marketplace, and
            we are able to source products competitively, and also serve our clients                       disposal needs.

          If you like to know more about our work, Asset disposal and remarketing 
          or just the training and development we provide. Feel free to fill out the form
          on the contact page

       Our Partners 
                               Partner Solutions Ltd       www.partnersolutionsltd.com 
                               Kuatsu Ltd                      www.kuatsu.co.uk

                               A2Z Clearance                www.a2zclearance.com